Have you or your staff ever wanted to experience Canada’s northern and remote regions? If you have experience recycling end-of-life vehicles or appliances, this could be your chance!

As part of the Tundra Take-Back program, volunteers work with Scout Environmental to train a team of local hires in a community, on the safest way to depollute end-of-life products including:
  • Vehicles
  • Appliances
  • Heavy equipment
  • Snow machines
  • Quads
Following a half-day of in-class training, the recycling volunteers spend approximately 10 days working with the team, to provide hands on experience depolluting the end-of-life products at the local metal dump and preparing them for recycling. This is a mentorship role; volunteers are expected to work alongside the local hires to support the development of their skills and to build local capacity.

Volunteers with the “Right Stuff”

Anyone interested in this opportunity should be:
  • Well versed in vehicle or appliance decommissioning techniques;
  • Certified to remove and handle refrigerants (mandatory for appliance recyclers, asset for vehicle recyclers);
  • Patient and comfortable teaching and mentoring a small team of community members who have limited knowledge of decommissioning techniques;
  • Willing and able to do decommissioning work outdoors with tools and equipment suited for remote context;
  • Robust travelers, who don’t mind rugged conditions; and,
  • Keen on job-site safety and willing to speak-up to ensure the job is done right.

What's Included?

Trips are all expenses paid; travel costs, food and accommodation in the community are funded by the program. Scout will also coordinate logistics related to project travel, but will expect volunteers to plan their own transportation to and from the airport they will be departing from.

All Scout needs from you is a willingness to donate your time and lend your expertise to make a real difference in a community!

Timing and Locations

Tundra Take-Back projects have been executed nation-wide, from British Columbia to Labrador, with locations varying every year. As a result, Scout cannot guarantee travel to specific regions.

Typically, projects are executed in the warmer, drier summer months (July-September). However, we have also traveled to communities as late as mid-October.

Questions about volunteering opportunities? Contact the Scout team!

Shelby Kerbel
(416) 922-2448 x 304